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Our Services

Authoress Adriana Brunga provides a wide range of services to help you reach your highest potential. She offers spiritual guidance, teaching and couching, as well as courses and co-authoring services. Adriana is also an editor and creates websites, videos, logos and provides web development services. In addition, she is a public speaker, published author and co-author of multiple books.

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Spiritual Teaching

My spiritual teaching is based on the Word of God, and it is designed to help people find their inner power and faith. I provide practical guidance to those who are searching for spiritual guidance, and I strive to help them better understand the divine plan for their lives. Through my lessons, I aim to help people develop a deeper connection with the divine and find the courage to pursue their dreams.

If you’re looking for a spiritual teacher who will help you unlock the power of your faith and open up a new world of possibilities, look no further than Authoress Adriana Brunga.

Business Cards and Stationary

Authoress Adriana Brunga offers a professional and creative service for any business cards, stationery, and other publicity materials. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for design, she creates custom pieces that make your brand stand out. She works with you to create a design that reflects your vision and makes a lasting impression.

Book Services

Authoress Adriana Brunga is a talented author and co-author of many engaging non-fiction books. She has a unique ability to craft compelling stories that captivate readers. Her works have been edited to perfection, guaranteeing an enjoyable reading experience. Adriana Brunga's works are perfect for any reader looking for a captivating non-fiction read.

Web Developing

At Authoress Adriana Brunga, I specialize in creating custom websites, logos and videos that are tailored to your needs. With years of experience in the industry, I understand the importance of creating a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

I strive to make sure that each project I work on is a reflection of my client's brand. With my help, your website will become an efficient tool for promoting your business, connecting with your clients, and growing your online presence.

Public Speaking

Authoress Adriana Brunga is a renowned Public Speaker who has inspired audiences around the world with her captivating talks. She offers a unique service, combining her years of experience in the fields of psychology, business, media, and marketing to create tailor-made talks that are tailored to the individual needs of her clients. Adriana is passionate about helping others reach their full potential and will be a valuable asset to any event.

At Authoress Adriana Brunga,

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What Our Readers Say

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Pratibha Malav Rated

Death Saved by Jesus Christ by Authoress Adriana Brunga is a soul-touching story that is written to make readers about the existence of Jesus Christ. This book was a blessing to read, The author's personal story of coming to faith is inspirational. 

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