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The Journey of Proper Healing

To a woman who felt all dried up on the inside, no verses brought life back into my bones more than those in Hosea 2. It’s this beautiful and dramatic portrayal of Israel’s journey from hardship to restoration. But it also parallels our own situations so powerfully.

Beginning in verse 14, there is this “wooing” of Israel where God wants to bring his children close to Him on a personal level. And then describes how, although we may currently be in a Valley of Achor (also known as “Valley of Trouble”), there is a door of hope in the future. Essentially, God wants to bring you close to Him and there in your valley of trouble and pain, show you there is this hope before you. That the trouble won’t last forever.

Further in verse 16, there is this transition between the levels of relationship. Again noting a more personal level, God wants you to no longer see Him as just a master, but as a “Husband.” This reiterates affection towards His people. We then see a key phrase mentioned three times in two verses, “I will betroth you.” When a phrase or word is mentioned multiple times in a short time, it means it’s very important to understand what’s being said. God wants to make sure we know the importance of His covenant and restoring love.

The chapter leaves us with a confirmation by letting us know He will show love to us, even if we may feel unloved. To a woman who felt really lonely and unloved after a heart-wrenching loss, nothing made me feel more comforted than those words.

In your grief and pain, coming face-to-face with the circumstances won’t be easy. But there can be great comfort for you in these words about love, redemption and hope. Ground yourself with roots deep in this passage and allow God to draw you near to Him. Hold on to belief that there is a door of hope just ahead and that no matter what, there is a God who deeply and passionately loves you.

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