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Authoress Adriana Brunga

Copywriter & Brand Strategist


Upon Request



Chester, SC 29706

Date of Birth:

April 27th 

A Bit About Me

I have a passion for storytelling and have always been captivated by the power of words. I have written extensively on a variety of topics, including culture, travel, and personal experiences. I am always looking to share my story and create meaningful connections with others.

I am committed to helping others tell their stories, as well. I believe that everyone has something unique to offer, and I am passionate about helping them to find their voice and express their experiences. My goal is to help people find clarity and purpose in their work, and to make a positive impact in the world.

My latest Book Released

Work Experience




Application Developer

  • Database administration, website design, logo design and video maker.

  • Built the logic for a streamlined ad-serving platform that scales.

  • Support Premium business teams to align their strategies and executions to the brand

  • Collaborate with other relevant functions to develop strategies that drive the Premium brand vision and objectives.

Web Content Manager author

  • Database administration and website content manager

       Writing, proofreading, and editing content; developing and                       managing calendars to ensure timely content.

  • Collaborates marketing and design teams to ensure consistent brand messages across all channels.

Spiritual healer-author

  • Managing and Authorizing social media publicity, advertising for the publisher companies.

  • Developing and creating new Digital Marketing campaigns for social media.

  • Attending radio interviews, book signing, and social public speaking events.

  • Attending church events and teaching others better understand the

  • ​ Spiritual healing practice, sharing the knowledge of the Spiritual teaching from theBible.

  • Coaching readers through our Spiritual healing program developed on the

     websites. and       

  1.      authorship, COPYRIGHT - ©️2021 Book "Death             Saved by Jesus Christ".

  2.      Coming Soon-©2023 Book "LaMuerte Salvada           por Jesucristo"(Book-e-Books and Audio Books)

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