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My Story

One woman experienced physical and spiritual death to better understand the real value and purpose of her life.

Authoress Adriana Brunga announces the release of 'Death Saved by Jesus Christ"                                                                                                                     

   ROCK HILL, S.C., Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "I believed in a different god before. I also prayed to different virgins and saints as well, but I did not obtain any results. One day, I found myself at a dead end with the only living God, Jesus Christ, showing me His mighty resurrection power when I lost my life in a hospital bed. It inspired me to write this book," Authoress Adriana Brunga states.

   "Death Saved by Jesus Christ" (published by AuthorHouse) shares the story of a 3-year-old girl who created her own shelf of protection in her mind and who found peace, love, joy, faith, and a wonderful God in the Bible. This little girl is now 42 years old, but due to a traumatic event, she ended up with a mysterious mental illness called conversion disorder (a post-traumatic stress disorder).                                                                                          This mysterious mental illness caused the little girl's brain to make mindless involuntary movements in her body, creating an automatic brain regression, and making her speak and act like a 3-year-old. When that would happen, she automatically would go into her perfect hiding place inside her imaginary empty room, allowing her mind to feel protected and loved by God. After coming back from a coma and death, she found the most interesting complement to and purpose in life. Jesus Christ blessed her directly from heaven.

     "I experienced spiritual death for 32 years until Jesus Christ came to rescue me and saved my life. Furthermore, I had to experience physical death and come back to life to utterly understand the real value and purpose of my life," Brunga says. "Jesus Christ is the Almighty, and He has a purpose for our lives. He is the only one who knows what is best for us because He created all of us with a purpose."

     "Death Saved by Jesus Christ" explains to readers how powerful and merciful Jesus Christ has been. This book is based on a true story that will touch their hearts and miraculously change the way they see God. This will help them to realize that only God can give them the strength and courage they need to walk through the storm. For more details about the book, please visit

"Death Saved by Jesus Christ"

By Authoress Adriana Brunga


     In YEAR FOUNDED, A&B Spiritual Books was founded when an individual decided to turn her shared interests into an official Book Club. After a couple of quick meetings, we were on our way to creating something extraordinary!

With time, we’ve grown into a more serious and mature organization, allowing us to take our interests to new levels. When you decide to join us, you too will gain access to various events and, more importantly, to a community of people who are just as passionate as you are. Visit us at 

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