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Authoress Adriana Brunga

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About the Book

This book is designed to teach you about the real existence of the true and only living God. However, due to much confusion in the world, people tend to confuse religion with different gods. I discovered the true existence and the powerful force of the true living God, Jesus Christ, in my life.


I believed in a different god before. I also prayed to different virgins and saints as well, but I did not obtain any results. One day, I found myself at a dead end with the only living God, Jesus Christ, showing me His mighty resurrection power when I lost my life in a hospital bed.


I decided to author this book, Death Saved by Jesus Christ, to explain how powerful and merciful Jesus Christ has been with me. This book is based on a true story, and I am convinced that many people will completely understand who Jesus Christ, the true living God, is. The main purpose for this book is for people to restore the broken relationship between humanity and God. With the deepest gratitude to the Lord,

I want to explain to you how Jesus Christ saved my life, not only from spiritual death but physical as well. As a spiritual-healer author, the main idea is to help you to engage with this book, I want it to touch your heart and help you to heal your spiritual emotions that you endured so that you can obtain the spiritual freedom your inner being needs.


The Secret place
of my thoughts!

The Secret place of my Thoughts!



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The place where thoughts interpret deep emotions,
where hidden feelings are expressed,
and where the transformation of unexpected expression comes to light!

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  • "Muerte Salvada por Jesucristo" ~ Second edition{Spanish}

  • "The Fullness of the Holy Spirit" 

  • "The Light Prevailed the Darkness"

  • "The Promises of the Lord"

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About the Author

Authoress Adriana Brunga

Was born in Medellin, Colombia, South America, in 1978. She moved to the United States thirty years ago. She has two wonderful children—Sarah, age twenty-two; Diego, eighteen; and her eldest child, Jose, who was twenty-four when he died. She also has two wonderful grandchildren. She is married to her second husband, a wonderful man, Bruno Brunga, five years ago. She lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Before she became an author, she had her own business. In her younger years, she obtained degrees in business administration, accounting, and psychological studies. She became a spiritual-healer author, spiritual public speaker, and spiritual global administrator-minister eleven years ago. She loves to read and write very much. She thinks writing not only helps her to express herself but gives her a lot of spiritual freedom inside her being.


"You are here for a reason.
You have a purpose you are meant to live and share.

What you think about matters, Your thoughts
help determine your reality"

~Stay Positive

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